Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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3G Phones

NTT DoCoMo has been demonstrated cellular phone which capable of transmitting data at high speed. This 4G phones, the next generation of their old 3G phones network which has 384 Kbps downloads and 129 Kbps uploads, could receive data at 100Mbps on the move and at up to a gigabit per second while static. That means you could download an entire DVD in about a minute.

As reported by New Scientist, in the experiments, prototype of 4G phones were used to view 32 high definition video streams, while travelling in an automobile at 20 kilometres per hour.

Furhtermore, New Scientist reported that the technology behind NTT DoCoMo’s high-speed phone network remains experimental, but the 4G tests used a method called Variable-Spreading-Factor Spread Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (VSF-Spread OFDM), which increases downlink speeds by using multiple radio frequencies to send the same data stream.

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