Saturday, June 28, 2008

IO Gear GBGPS201 Bluetooth GPS Kit -US and Canada Maps

IO Gear GBGPS201 Bluetooth GPS Kit -US and Canada Maps
IOGEAR's Bluetooth GPS is a real-time navigation system. The Bluetooth GPS receiver allows you to receive positioning data from satellites and deliver the data to mobile computing devices wirelessly via Bluetooth. It provides pinpoint accuracy and thoroughly reliable tracking capabilities. The ultra low-power design and long-life rechargeable battery gives you 25 hours of continuous usage and eliminates constant recharging between uses. It is portable and lightweight, so you can put it on the dashboard or any other location that provides a direct line of sight to the sky. The included map data covers the U.S. and Canada, in detailed street names, even major interests such as restaurants and parks. The navigation software gives detailed driving direction in text, graphic and voice. The voice instruction indicates distance, and turns. The software also includes other convenient features such as speed detection, alternative local-only routes, programming buttons on PDAs for convenience, 3-D display option, trip time estimation, etc. You will never get lost again!
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