Sunday, July 06, 2008

Able Planet Clear Harmony Over the Head Stereo Headphones

Able Planet Clear Harmony Over the Head Stereo Headphones

"Words and music are composed to be heard by everyone, and the ideal performance for high end audio is the accurate reproduction of the Live experience. Current audio technologies struggle to replicate this experience, because fuller sounds can mask high tones making speech and music sound muddled. Additionally, people with hearing loss need specialized designs to enhance sounds that are difficult to hear. Able Planet is the first company to design innovative audio and communication products For All Levels of Hearing™. Linx Audio™ creates a live experience with full rich base sounds, clear high tones and intelligible speech. Clear Harmony Stereo Headphones provide Fuller and Richer Sounds for individuals with normal hearing to those with mild to moderate loss. Able Planet headphones can be used with or without hearing aids and do not require a switching system, making it possible for individuals with all levels of hearing to use the same headphones. "
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