Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nokia N95 - N-series Multimedia Computer Mobile Phone Launched

Today is a day of celebration, for no reason other than Nokia’s latest launch, the Nokia N95 – a GPS capable ‘multimedia computer’ mobile phone. And our love for Nokia means we can’t let this glorious day go unmentioned.

Available on a variety of tariffs, the Nokia N95 is retailing between £50 and £100, or off-tariff for around £350. But don’t be put off by the price, as this is not just any phone. This is, according to Nokia, a ‘multimedia computer’ disguised as a mobile phone. Apparently it has it all, bar a memory card, so let’s have a look at what it’s boasting under its mini-laptop status.

Nokia N95 slide phone

'Fully-packed with cool Multimedia options'

Nokia’s N95 has everything a top of the range mobile phone has to offer and more, including GPS capability, giving it sat nav device status, combined with a mobile phone. Via the advanced web browsing options, the GPS mapping is available on ‘mini-map’, which gives you a location based search option; on this you can choose a point of interest, address, or postcode, just like the options on a stand-alone sat nav device. Using the advanced internet options, you can also open, read and reply to emails, and more importantly open and view attachments, including PDF files.

Nokia N95 N-series Web browsing mobile phone

Surf the web - Fast internet browser

Mini-laptop Nokia N95 mobile phone

Well-designed slide mechanism

Nokia N95 sat nav mobile phone

Maps, music and menus

Silver sat nav Nokia N95

'Satisfaction guaranteed'

The fun is taken out of snapping away on your mobile phone shortly after photos are taken, as most people leave them right there, on their phone, and forget to download or share them, and when it comes to needed more memory, they get deleted. Nokia has taken this into account and come up with a solution. Now you can upload your photos instantly to Flickr, a free photo sharing website, which automatically adds photos to your chosen networking site, including MySpace, Bebo, and Friendster. And you’ll want to share the photos and DVD-like videos taken with the N95’s five megapixel camera combined with Carl Zeiss optics. The top-quality video is shot at up to 30 frames per second, and when replayed on the 2.6-inch crystal clear and colourful screen, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. Although a memory card does not come as standard, some service providers are currently throwing one in, but you may be happy enough with the already integrated 2GB memory.

Nokia’s marketing motto ‘whatever you need, wherever you are’ comes into play when looking at the Nokia N95’s multimedia capabilities. A progressive spec means users can download movies, before linking the phone up with compatible home electronics, to watch downloaded movies on the big screen, for example, via a TV-out cable. PC, Mac or laptop connectivity is guaranteed via a USB 2.0, WLAN, or Bluetooth wireless technology. Nokia’s N95 audio spec was like sweet music to our ears. Cool and futuristic options include the ability to stream your music wirelessly to compatible headphones, or a car or home stereo. Alternatively, you could hook up your favourite headphones or home stereo speakers.

We love it, you’ll love it. Don’t delay, go and get the Nokia N95 today

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