Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SanDisk Offering iPod and Zune Competition

SanDisk is about to give Microsoft Zune and Apple iPod some competition as they team up with Yahoo's music division with its new music player.

SanDisk Corp., maker of flash memory said Monday that it will be teaming up it new musicplayer with Yahoo's music services to bring users free and subscription music services. Users of the Sansa Connect device will be able to use a Wi-Fi wireless connection to listen to Launchcast Internet radio, browse Flickr photos and see what Yahoo Messenger friends and other Sansa Connect owners nearby are listening to. Launchcast and Flickr are both part of the Yahoo network.

Users of the new SanDisk music player Sansa Connect, with a Yahoo Music Unlimited To Go subscription will be able to download and listen to music and also download tracks that their friends are listening to or have recommended. When the four-gigabyte Sansa Connect is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, the player behaves like a traditional Flash music player and can be connected to a personal computer. Users can play music and view photos stored either on the player or on an optional microSD card.

Apple's iPod still dominates the portable music player industry as they control more than 70 percent of the market. SanDisk has risen over the past few years to rank second with about a 10 per cent slice of the market, according to market researcher NPD Group.

At the same time, Apple announced on Monday that it has sold its 100 millionth iPod and see no slow-down to its sales.

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