Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blackberry 8830 Smartphone (Sprint)

Blackberry 8830 Smartphone (Sprint)

The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition smartphone--the first CDMA BlackBerry smartphone capable of roaming globally on GSM/GPRS networks--is the stylish way to get things done. The 8830 is ideal for international travel, as it gives you full mobile voice and data coverage all over the world without having to change smartphones, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses. And that's just the beginning, as the 8830 also offers such standard functions as e-mail support, a built-in organizer, Web browsing, and instant messaging, as well as more advanced features like GPS support, access to the BlackBerry Maps service, a media player for your video clips and music, and expandable memory to ensure you have

The BlackBerry 8830 isn't big, but it's also not quite as compact as some of BlackBerry's other recent offerings, such as the Pearl. One of the main reasons is that BlackBerry added a full QWERTY keyboard to the 8830, letting you easily type e-mails and text messages without having to peck the same key several times to input each letter. The venerable BlackBerry trackwheel, meanwhile, has been replaced on this model with an innovative four-way trackball placed below the screen. And users will love the dedicated Send, End, and Mute keys, along with the user-definable convenience keys.
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