Saturday, May 17, 2008

Creative Travelsound Zen V

Creative Travelsound Zen V
The High Fidelity Travel Companion For Your ZEN V or ZEN V Plus -- Expand your music enjoyment with TravelSound ZEN V Simply plug in your ZEN V or ZEN V Plus MP3 player and get the best of both worlds - high fidelity audio and ease of portability. Indulge in a world of clear and detailed audio, courtesy of the four premium 36mm full range NeoTitanium micro drivers. This one-piece system also lets you dock and charge your MP3 player simultaneously. Packed with an extensive range of features such as dual power options, wireless infrared remote, wide stereo effect and clear FM radio reception (for ZEN V Plus only), get ready to take it outdoors and impress your friends at any party.

The TravelSound ZEN V is the indispensable travel companion for your ZEN V or ZEN V Plus. The NeoTitanium Microdrivers provide great sound in a small package, and dual AC and battery power lets you take it anywhere. The wireless remote lets you take control of your music. Anywhere you take it... it's an instant party! Auxiliary input Don't limit the great sound to your ZEN V -- connect any MP3 player, CD player or other audio device Protective carrying case makes it easy to toss in your bag or back seat Color - Black
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